Born in the port city of Camden, New Jersey, the bassist by trade began with an art interest. Sketching on a paper since a pencil could be held steady in his child-sized hand which led to an education in Architecture. At age thirteen, Nick discovered such bands as Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Iron Maiden. As his creative energies began to turn musical, it led him to buy his first musical instrument, an old and battered beginners electric bass.

After a few primary years of playing in New Jersey area bands, Nick joined the heavy metal band Deadly Blessing. Within one year, they recorded an E.P. and a full-length record for a California-based heavy metal label. Their debut album received high marks and is considered a collectors piece to this day, Following their release, was a U.S. tour.

Three years after joining Deadly Blessing, Nick left the band for a life in New York City. This led him to short-lived runs with a few New York area groups. One of which was The Cycle Sluts from Hell. But just after parting ways with them, Nick landed the position as bass player for the female metal legend Doro Pesch and has been playing with her ever since. Together with Joe Taylor on guitar, Johnny Dee on drums and Oliver Palotai on keys and guitar, Doro, Nick and the band developed an energetic chemisty to be reckoned with.

In early 2001, Nick recorded and released his first solo effort in America. A twelve-song semi-monolog called Through the Pane. A crossbreed of influences ans awkwardness only made possible by the freedom that an independent release could offer. From rock to ballads, technical to organic. On November 27th 2006 Through the Pane has been released in Europe through Painkiller Records. Not only in Europe but also in the States Nick`s solo album has achieved sustained success ever since it has been released. The first track of the album "You are a miracle" became the theme song on ABC`s daytime soap "All my children".

In late 2004, immediately following a Doro tour, Nick toured through Europe once more with England`s legendary vocalist, Blaze Bayley.

In mid 2005, Nick joined forces with Savatage and Trans Siberian Orchestra guitarist, Chris Caffrey, touring for Chris`acclaimed solo release Faces, followed by Doro`s worldwide Warrior Soul tour in 2006. Every second that he is not on the road, Nick is unremittingly creating and producing new songs...